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A. List of De-converts
B. Deconversion Stories
C. Reasons for Deconverting
D. Appendix A: What Is Included
E. Appendix B: Legal

List of Deconverts.

Abbrevations used refer to reasons given for deconversion. A list of abbreviations can be located in the endnotes.

  1. Rachel Adamsa19, Pell City, Alabama, h
  2. A.J.a21, Location unknown, Reasons forthcoming
  3. Akikoa14, Location unknown, b
  4. Amandaa4, Virginia, then Liverpool, United Kingdom, b, h, s
  5. Anonymousa5, Kentucky, Reasons forthcoming.
  6. Anonymousa13, Florida, Reasons forthcoming.
  7. Anonymousa15, New York, b, p
  8. Anonymousa17, Location unknown, Reasons forthcoming
  9. Anonymousa20, Location unknown, Reasons forthcoming
  10. Anonymous, “A Lady”a11, Los Angeles, California, Reasons forthcoming
  11. Anonymous, “Born Again Atheist”a1, St. Paul, Minnesota, b, h, p
  12. Anonymous, “Chain Breaker”a10, Location unknown, s
  13. Anonymous, “ChickenNugget”a18, Location unknown, Reasons forthcoming
  14. Anonymous, “J”a2, Location unknown, h, s
  15. Anonymous, “Don T. Know”a12, Southeast United States, Reasons forthcoming
  16. Anonymous, “Quadratix”a8, United States, reasons forthcoming
  17. Anonymous, “SG”a23, Midwest United States, Reasons forthcoming
  18. Anonymous, “SLM”a22, Alabama, Reasons forthcoming
  19. Anonymous, “Spider Monkey”a3, Ohio, h, i, q
  20. Anonymous, “St. John Baptiste”a9, Virginia, s
  21. Anthonya6, Westchester, Illinois, h, s
  22. Athenaa16, Location unknown, Reasons forthcoming
  23. Jamie Atkinsona7, Southern California, then Oklahoma, reasons forthcoming
  24. Brian B.b10, Location unknown, b, h, s
  25. Balajib2, Singapore b, q, s
  26. Colin Bensonb4, Selkirk, Manitoba, Canada, Reasons forthcoming
  27. Bernardb5, San Diego, California, Reasons forthcoming
  28. Billb7, Maryland, Reasons forthcoming
  29. Bill, “Red Pill Bill”b1, Upstate New York, b, i, p, s
  30. Ryan Boehningb6, Location unknown, Reasons forthcoming
  31. Bradb3, Calgary, Alberta, Canada, reasons forthcoming
  32. Johnny Bradfordb9, Scotland, Reasons forthcoming
  33. Brianb8, Ellensburg, Washington, Reasons forthcoming
  34. Mary Cancillac5, Location unknown, Reasons forthcoming.
  35. Ian J. Carrc2, Taree, New South Wales, Australia, b, r, s
  36. Chadc10, Location unknown, Reasons forthcoming
  37. Katie Chanterc4, Location unknown, Reasons forthcoming.
  38. Chrisc9, Bridgeport, West Virginia, Reasons forthcoming
  39. Dave Clarkec6, Location unknown, Reasons forthcoming
  40. Courtneyc3, Denver, Colorado, then New York, Reasons forthcoming
  41. Crystalc8, Clarksville, Tennessee, Reasons forthcoming
  42. Monte Curryc7, Modesto, Oklahoma, Reasons forthcoming
  43. Cynthiac1, Tulsa, Oklahoma, Reasons forthcoming
  44. Daved1, Ohio, Reasons forthcoming
  45. David “Lucas Caven”d6, Location unknown, Reasons forthcoming
  46. Chris “Daye”d4, Wayne, Oklahoma, Reasons forthcoming
  47. Christopher Deand5, Location unknown, Reasons forthcoming
  48. John E. Denisond8, Dallas, Texas, Reasons forthcoming
  49. Tom Dixond7, Abilene, Texas, Reasons forthcoming
  50. DJd10, New England, Reasons forthcoming
  51. Jane Doed2, Location unknown, Reasons forthcoming
  52. Donnad9, Location unknown, Reasons forthcoming
  53. Mike Douglassd3, Utica, New York, Reasons forthcoming
  54. Ellene1, Location unknown, Reasons forthcoming
  55. Emilye3, Arlington, Texas, Reasons forthcoming
  56. Erike2, Eugene, Oregon, Reasons forthcoming
  57. Erine4, Albion Park, New South Wales, Australia, Reasons forthcoming
  58. Everette5, Virginia, Reasons forthcoming
  59. G.C.g3, Location unknown, Reasons forthcoming
  60. David Garciag2, Location unknown, Reasons forthcoming
  61. T. L. Gobleg1, Chatsworth, Georgia, s
  62. Trudy H.h10, Location unknown, Reasons forthcoming
  63. Joey Hacklh11, Location unknown, Reasons forthcoming
  64. Tim Haleh5, Dallas, Texas, b
  65. Clancy Halstedh6, Location unknown, Reasons forthcoming
  66. Whitney Hampsonh7, Colorado Springs, Colorado, Reasons forthcoming
  67. Harry, “Biblebelievernomore”h1, Massachusetts, b, q, s
  68. Cody Hellandbackh8, Northern California, Reasons forthcoming
  69. William F. Hennessh3, Colchester, Illinois, b
  70. Robert Hitchcockh4, United States Reasons forthcoming.
  71. Brian Holtzh2, possibly Michigan, reasons forthcoming
  72. Lauren Horvathh9, College Park, Maryland, Reasons forthcoming
  73. Irisi1, Tennessee, Reasons forthcoming
  74. Jeffj3, Location unknown, Reasons forthcoming
  75. Jennaj2, New Jersey, Reasons forthcoming
  76. Jennyj6, West Tennessee, Reasons forthcoming
  77. Marcus Johnston.j5, Location unknown, Reasons forthcoming
  78. Kieran Jonesj4, Location unknown, Reasons forthcoming
  79. Juliej1, Location unknown, h, s
  80. Lance K.k5, Location unknown, Reasons forthcoming
  81. KCk3, Middletown, Ohio, Reasons forthcoming
  82. Kevink4, Yuma, Arizona, Reasons forthcoming
  83. Kirstenk1, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, then Toronto, Canada b, h
  84. Dimitrije Kostick2, Yugoslavia, Reasons forthcoming
  85. Larryl3, Location unknown, b, s
  86. Jim Leel2, New South Wales, Australia, Reasons forthcoming
  87. Lindal5, Location unknown, Reasons forthcoming
  88. Steve Locksl1, Location unknown, Reasons forthcoming
  89. Lord Umbrau1, Montana, Reasons forthcoming
  90. Lorenl6, Eugene, Oregon, Reasons forthcoming
  91. Ian Lowel4, Glasgow, Scotland, Reasons forthcoming
  92. Brian M.m15, Location unknown, Reasons forthcoming
  93. Larry M.m17, Fraser Valley, British Columbia, Canada, Reasons forthcoming
  94. Mandym16, Location unknown, Reasons forthcoming
  95. Margaretm13, Arizona, Reasons forthcoming
  96. Mariam12, Michigan, Reasons forthcoming
  97. Joe Martinm10, Location unknown, Reasons forthcoming
  98. Mike McLellanm1, Location unknown, Reasons forthcoming
  99. Kurt Melinm5, Anderson, Indiana, b, r
  100. Melissam14, Cincinnati, Ohio, Reasons forthcoming
  101. Dirk J. van der Merwe, author of ‘Scrap Religion,’ Live Extra-ordinarily’m4, Europe and South Africa, Reasons forthcoming
  102. Michaelm9, Austin, Texas, Reasons forthcoming
  103. Mikelm11, Louisville, Kentucky, Reasons forthcoming
  104. Trey Millerm3, Atlanta, Georgia, Reasons forthcoming
  105. I. I. Milnesm6, Te Kauwhata, New Zealand, Reasons forthcoming
  106. D. Mitchellm2, Atlanta, Georgia, reasons forthcoming
  107. Daniel F. Mitchellm8, Los Angeles, California, Reasons forthcoming
  108. Ann Murraym7, Newark, New Jersey, Reasons forthcoming
  109. Ingeborg S. Nordénn1, Madison, Wisconsin, b, s
  110. Daniel P.p9, Fraser Valley, British Columbia, Canada, Reasons forthcoming
  111. Keith P.p8, Lynchburg, Virginia, Reasons forthcoming
  112. Sharon Payantp3, Location unknown, Reasons forthcoming.
  113. “Rex Payne”p4, Lompoc, California, Reasons forthcoming
  114. Randen Pedersonp5, Superior, Wisconsin, Reasons forthcoming
  115. Sarah J. Pepperp7, Location unknown, Reasons forthcoming
  116. Naomi Prettymanp1, Kansas City, Missouri, b, i, p, r
  117. Robert M. Pricep2, New Jersey, reasons forthcoming
  118. Andy Purviancep6, Location unknown, Reasons forthcoming
  119. Jamie Q.q1, Location unknown, Reasons forthcoming
  120. Nathan R.r1, United States, i, p, q
  121. Roy R. “Lucas Caven”r5, Virginia, Reasons forthcoming
  122. Rachelr4, Hurricane, West Virginia, i
  123. Robr2, Fort Thomas, Kentucky, reasons forthcoming
  124. Rogerr6, Ontario, Canada, h, r
  125. Ryanr3, Rensselaer, Indiana, Reasons forthcoming
  126. Randy S.s9, Virginia, Reasons forthcoming
  127. Stephen S.s5, Location unknown, Reasons forthcoming
  128. Robert La Salles12, Location unknown, Reasons forthcoming
  129. Jonny Scaramangas3, United Kingdom, b, s
  130. Roger Scotts10, Australia, Reasons forthcoming
  131. Leslie Shieldss11, Boston, Massachusetts, Reasons forthcoming
  132. Tim Simmonss4, Memphis, Tennessee, reasons forthcoming
  133. Jacob Smiths1, Gulf Coast, Florida, p, q
  134. Martha Stanards6, Location unknown, i
  135. Jan Stecks8, Vina, California, Reasons forthcoming.
  136. Steves7, Brisbane, Australia, q
  137. Sylvesters2, possibly Singapore, b, p, q
  138. Charles Templetont1, Toronto, Canada, b, p
  139. Chloë Tiscorniat2, California, Reasons forthcoming
  140. Tocist5, Germany, Reasons forthcoming
  141. Tomt3, Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Reasons forthcoming
  142. Chester Twarogt4, Fort Campbell, Kentucky, and West Germany, b, q, r, s
  143. Veronica Virulentv1, North Florida, Reasons forthcoming
  144. Janet Voskav2, United States, Reasons forthcoming.
  145. Scott W.w5, Wisconsin, Reasons forthcoming
  146. Troy W.w8, Location unknown, Reasons forthcoming
  147. H.A. Walkerw7, Rogersville, Tennessee, b
  148. Richard Whitew6, Russia, Reasons forthcoming
  149. Kenneth Ray Whitleyw2, Location unknown, Reasons forthcoming
  150. Trevor Wicksw3, Location unknown, Reasons forthcoming
  151. Herb Wildw4, Florida, Reasons forthcoming
  152. Dr. Marine Winellw1, San Francisco, California, reasons forthcoming
  153. Nick Youngy1, Vallejo, California, Reasons forthcoming

Their stories.

What follows are my own write-ups of the essentials of deconversion stories, made succinct for ease and speed of reading; it is, of course, assumed that the events reported by the original authors are factual.

a1. Anonymous: “Born Again Atheist”. Lutheran, later Independent Baptist, saved at 10, beer-drinking parents made dispassionate church attendance compulsory. Struggles with masturbation during puberty and the unresponsiveness of God in prayer, as well as questions concerning doctrines of predestination versus free will led him to doubt. After high-school experimentation with drugs, went to college and met fellow intellectuals, a process culminating in his avowal of atheism as a freshman at age 19. “Child of Rednecks Deconverts”

a2. J. Once attendee of an Evangelical Baptist church with a diplomatic pastor and less diplomatic teaching staff, the latter of which indoctrinated fear of the “End Times” happening all around them and 9/11 as a consequence of the propagation of false religions. As an 11-year-old in this environment, went to sleep fearing being left alone during the “Great Tribulation” when everyone else was raptured. Held a vague Christianity through high school, when the acerbic tone of the teaching he received was somewhat numbed. When his mother called his Muslim girlfriend a “keeper,” he became convinced of the duality or “divided-ness of the religious mind”; his conclusion is that Christians do not linger mentally on the “sinister parts of their faith.” Sam Harris’s Letter to a Christian Nation brought him to fully avow atheism, although not explicitly to his family, who only learned that he is no longer Christian. “Accentuate the Positive — Ignore the Negative”

a3. Anonymous: “Spider Monkey”. After her father underwent a salvation experience one summer when she was 13, she attended a Pentecostal church with him. As she grew up in this environment, she came under attack from the hurtful, selfish, uncaring teenagers around which she was surrounded; her response to this was further spirituality, having been taught that her lack of faithfulness to God was the cause for her loneliness. Her torment persisted into college, including an intolerance for her Catholic boyfriend and instances of persecutory teasing and emotional torment from the Christian community. She finally tired of the maltreatment: “I had done everything the church and the [Bible] told me to do and all I had to show for it was five years of pain and degradation.” What followed this realization was a remembrance of logical fallacies in the Bible she had previously rationalized and an acknowledgement of a lack of answers to her questions. She left the faith and is now atheist. Her passion for Christianity has been redirected as a result, and she is much happier with her life. “Five Years of Hell” (Caution: inflammatory language)

a4. Amanda. Saved at 7, and her growth to adolescence was accompanied by a growing dissatisfaction with the church’s plan for her future as a woman. Church’s pastor “sexually abused at least 5 women,” and Amanda’s subsequent time at Liberty University was miserable for her. Her move to England carried with it research into what truly interested her, and her research into sexual abuse by pastors led her to conclude the collusion as the most sickening part. A crisis of faith came in February 2001, as she wanted to distance herself from these colluders; through Bible study, a year-long process of deconversion. “I am so happy now.” “Thank God for Atheism!”

a5. Anonymous. Summary forthcoming. “Conversion/Deconversion”

a6. Anthony. Attending youth activities at a friend’s church, he noticed the common theme of donation requests asked of the other kids. Got scared into salvation; after the realization that Christianity teaches belief in the proper deity guarantees eternal life over moral conduct, it started to lose its luster for Anthony. Learning of the brutal history of Christendom in high school, and “the final blow,” hearing reports of pedophile priests and cover-ups by the church, had him resolutely avowing atheism at 15. “Christianity — Too Corrupt for Me”

a7. Jamie Atkinson. Summary forthcoming. “MY TESTIMONY”

a8. Anonymous: “Quadratix”. Summary forthcoming. “Make Up Your Minds…”

a9. Anonymous: “St. John Baptiste.”. Summary forthcoming. “Christianity Sucks”

a10. Anonymous: “Chain Breaker”. Summary forthcoming. “An Answer to Prayer”

a11. Anonymous: “A Lady”. Summary forthcoming. “African-American and I Left”

a12. Anonymous: “Don T. Know”. Summary forthcoming. “Fundamentalism Screwed Up My Religion”

a13. Anonymous. Summary forthcoming. My Deconversion Story

a14. Akiko. Summary forthcoming. Akiko’s Deconversion Story

a15. Anonymous. Summary forthcoming. Just Wanted God to Answer My Prayers

a16. Athena.. Summary forthcoming. “Athena’s Deconversion Story”

a17. Anonymous. Summary forthcoming. “Deconversion Story”

a18. Anonymous, “ChickenNugget” . Summary forthcoming. “ChickenNugget’s Deconversion Story”

a19. Rachel Adams. Summary forthcoming. “The awakening”

a20. Anonymous. Summary forthcoming. “This Is My First Attempt to Explain My Brain, So Bear With Me?”

a21. A.J.. Summary forthcoming. “The Moment of Decision”

a22. Anonymous, “SLM”. Summary forthcoming. “I Feel Foolish, Cheated and Angry”

a23. Anonymous, “SG”. Summary forthcoming. “Isn’t Christ’s Love Wondrous?”

b1. Bill (BillRPJ). “At age 12, I fell in love with Jesus.” Raised in a Baptist home where conflict was common, his trips to the treehouse with his Bible and sincere pleas to Christ to deliver him from the child abuse he suffered, his prayers went unanswered, and he questioned their efficacy. Following education at a Bible college, he married a Christian girl from a similarly broken home, and after five years, they divorced, the custody of his two children going to his ex-wife. “I was decimated,” he remembers, and recovery from these painful events lowered his church attendance. During this time he learned that “guilt and threat of hell” keep Christians in what he calls “the Christian Matrix,” where they are shielded from reality. Following an incident with his son in Children’s Church, when his young son through sobs asked “Why would Jesus burn me?” due to the teacher’s showing a depiction of a man agonizing in the suffering of flames, he left the church, and through a process of realizing all of the contradictions and disagreeable doctrines of Christianity, is now an atheist. “Taking the Red Pill”

b2. Balaji. Converted to Christianity at 21, he was previously a vaguely mystic Hindu with no personal god belief to speak of. As an evolutionary biology student, he attempted to reconcile what he knew was true (evolution) with what the church taught (genesis). Reading the accounts of the Tower of Babel and Leviticus and Deuteronomy, thus realizing the brutality of yahweh was the pivotal event for Balaji. “Why does god have to exist?” he asked himself. Although he had to keep it secret due to pressures from church members, he had deconverted by 22. “Back to godlessness”

b3. Brad. Summary forthcoming. “Leaving Christianity Behind”

b4. Colin Benson. Summary forthcoming. “Stopped Believing at the Age of Four”

b5. Bernard. Summary forthcoming. “Religion: A Real Life Matrix”

b6. Ryan Boehning. Summary forthcoming. “Ryan Boehning’s Deconversion Story”

b7. Bill . Summary forthcoming. “It Hit Me Like a Baseball Bat”

b8. Brian. Summary forthcoming. “Dead on Arrival”

b9. Johnny Bradford. Summary forthcoming. “Johnny Bradford’s Deconversion Story”

b10. Brian B.. Guided to conversion by his father at 4, he went on through childhood “dividing his brain in half,” between faith and thinking. Entering his teens, he felt he wasn’t a true Christian for not behaving in the displays he saw in church services while the congregation sang. At 18, he began researching evolution himself, in the process realizing the creation story is a myth. With the first book of the Bible fallible, he broke ground on the morality of the Bible and that Christians were largely hypocritical. Secular humanism allowed Brian to affirm positive values. “For the first time, I feel free. And that feeling makes this all worth it.” “For the First Time, I Feel Free”

c1. Cynthia. Summary forthcoming. “A fight to the death (of faith)”

c2. Ian J. Carr. Summary forthcoming. “My Post-Christian Testimony” (Mirror)

c3. Courtney. Summary forthcoming. “You can use this as a testimony on your site.”

c4. Katie Chanter. Summary forthcoming. De-conversion

c5. Mary Cancilla. Summary forthcoming. Mary Cancilla’s Deconversion Story

c6. Dave Clarke.. Summary forthcoming. “Dave Clarke’s Deconversion Story”

c7. Monte Curry.. Summary forthcoming. “Monte Curry’s Deconversion Story”

c8. Crystal. Summary forthcoming. “Survive”

c9. Chris. Summary forthcoming. “My Torment…”

c10. Chad. Summary forthcoming. “No More Invisible Pink Unicorns”

d1. Dave. Summary forthcoming. “A Sabbatical?, or, My Anti-Testimony”

d2. Jane Doe. Summary forthcoming. Jane Doe’s Deconversion Story

d3. Mike Douglass. Summary forthcoming. Why I Reject Christianity

d4. Chris “Daye”. Summary forthcoming. “Parking Lot Preaching in the Bible Belt”

d5. Christopher Dean. Summary forthcoming. “Christopher Dean’s Deconversion Story”

d6. David . Summary forthcoming. “David’s Deconversion Story”

d7. Tom Dixon. Summary forthcoming. “Disillusioned Means No Longer Illusioned”

d8. John E. Denison. Summary forthcoming. “Why Not Me?”

d9. Donna. Summary forthcoming. “I Have Taken the Shackles Off”

d10. DJ. Summary forthcoming. “Finally on Solid Ground”

e1. Ellen. Summary forthcoming. “Can a Girl Be the Anti-Christ?”

e2. Erik. Summary forthcoming. “The Way of the Intercepting Mind”

e3. Emily. Summary forthcoming. “The Awakening”

e4. Erin. Summary forthcoming. “I’ll Take Your Freak and Your Heretic and Raise You a Sheep”

e5. Everett. Summary forthcoming. “Crushing Blow”

g1. T. L. Goble. Summary forthcoming. “Award-Winning Christian Apologist Makes a U-Turn”

g2. David Garcia. Summary forthcoming. David Garcia’s Deconversion Story

g3. G.C.. Summary forthcoming. “Yes, I Am an Atheist”

h1. Harry (Biblebelievernomore). Christian at age 11, in 1974. Through a process of seeking — every step of the way convinced he was right to the point of proselytizing others — which led him from Baptist, to Mormon, back to Baptist, to the Boston Church of Christ (part of ICOC, now recognized as a cult), where he found himself enduring an “emotional beating” at a Christmas party regarding an honest disagreement he had with a church speaker, back to Southern Baptist, he finally committed to examining the questions he had about the Bible. His deconversion is due to his realization that “the essential foundations” of Christianity are “unreliable/untrustworthy,” and in his view intellectual honesty compelled him to stop believing and become “an open agnostic” and member of the Unitarian-Universalist Association. He emphasizes that emotional considerations took no part in it, but rather an honest examination of the evidence for both sides, which he suggests would be enough for anyone to deconvert. “Why I Am A Bible Believer No More”

h2. Brian Holtz. Summary forthcoming. “My Conversion from Christianity to Atheism”

h3. William F. Henness. “Born again” at 20, then joined fundamental Baptist church where he became licensed to preach. Taught adult Sunday School and participated as a deacon for 25+ years. For 27 years he pastored churches. Contradictory parts of the Bible became clear to him through a long process of studying it. Since age 60, he is now a self-described “apostate.” “Former Fundamental Preacher”

h4. Robert Hitchcock. Summary forthcoming. “The Ecclesiastical Mutt, or, Heretics I Have Been”

h5. Tim Hale. Summary forthcoming. “Southern Baptist to Gay Freethinker”

h6. Clancy Halsted. Summary forthcoming. Clancy Halsted’s Deconversion Story

h7. Whitney Hampson. Summary forthcoming. Whitney Hampson’s Deconversion Story

h8. Cody Hellandback. Summary forthcoming. Cody Hellandback’s Deconversion Story

h9. Lauren Horvath. Summary forthcoming. “Lauren Horvath’s Deconversion Story”

h10. Trudy H.. Summary forthcoming. “Thank You God for Opening My Mind”

h11. Joey Hackl. Summary forthcoming. “We Are Not Monsters Now”

i1. Iris. Summary forthcoming. “No Longer Religious”

j1. Julie. Trained as a Bible translator, Julie left the Charismatic church about a year after being blamed for lack of faith in God’s healing power when her father died of cancer. Around the same time as these events, a church member raped a friend of hers, then through manipulating the elders before the victim had a chance to reach them, got her “kicked out of the church for fornication,” in addition convincing her it was her fault, effectively preventing her from contacting the police. Julie relates these experiences and recalls that after a few months of working out what she truly believed, she settled on Paganism. “A Pagan Now”

j2. Jenna. Summary forthcoming. “Brainwash from Birth and Still Recovering”

j3. Jeff. Raised Catholic, always secretly questioned the Bible, until serious illness struck his mother. She begged god in prayer to kill her and end her suffering, and the trauma of the experience brought him out of the closet about his disbelief in a god. Jeff’s Deconversion Story

j4. Kieran Jones . Summary forthcoming. “Kieran Jones’ Deconversion Story”

j5. Marcus Johnston. Summary forthcoming. “To Be a Wandering Jew”

j6. Jenny. Summary forthcoming. “An Illogical Religion”

k1. Kirsten. By the 10th grade, when her family moved to Pennsylvania and her father became a Mennonite minister, Kirsten was already questioning Christianity. Their previous church was much more liberal, so the move turned youth group from socializing to torture. Struggling to find friends in Lancaster, the new church put the fear of hell in her, replacing the love of God; misery ensued. She considers the coercion of fundie doctrine into her as comparable to a “rape.” Threat of hell was very real to her and haunted her into sexual guilt and near-constant terror that she and her friends would burn there forever. She is now agnostic because it makes more sense to her. “Minister’s Daughter”

k2. Dimitrije Kostic. Summary forthcoming. “Dimitrije Kostic’s Deconversion Story”

k3. KC . Summary forthcoming. “Cradle “Catholic-Christian””

k4. Kevin. Summary forthcoming. “Psychology of Deconversion”

k5. Lance K.. Summary forthcoming. “Have Any of You Gone Through This?”

l1. Steve Locks. Summary forthcoming. “Why I left Christianity”

l2. Jim Lee. Summary forthcoming. “My Testimony from Christianity”

l3. Larry. Brought up a Jehovah’s Witness, learned as a university student that science contradicts the Bible. Began to look skeptically upon all religions upon learning that the teachings f his cult were in error. Cites his understanding of the fact of evolution as well as “the natural evil in he world” as factors which brought him to his atheism. Larry’s Deconversion Story

l4. Ian Lowe. Summary forthcoming. “Free At Last!”

l5. Linda . Summary forthcoming. “Linda’s Deconversion Story”

l6. Loren. Summary forthcoming. “The ‘Why I’m Not Christian’ Letter”

m1. Mike McLellan. Summary forthcoming. “Questions from Born-Again Christians” (Mirror)

m2. Jamie Atkinson. Summary forthcoming. “Freed My Mind or Lost My Soul?”

m3. Trey Miller. Summary forthcoming. “Jesus Is a Fairytale”

m4. Dirk J. van der Merwe. Summary forthcoming. “My Story About the Old, Old Story”

m5. Kurt Melin. Summary forthcoming. “Freed From Religion While Still Young”

m6. I. I. Milnes. Summary forthcoming. I. I. Milnes Deconversion Story

m7. Ann Murray. Summary forthcoming. Ann Murray’s Deconversion Story

m8. Daniel F. Mitchell. Summary forthcoming. Ex-Mormon’s Tale

m9. Michael. Summary forthcoming. “Free from Christian Mind-Control”

m10. Joe Martin . Summary forthcoming. “Joe Martin’s Deconversion Story”

m11. Mikel . Summary forthcoming. “This World is My Home…”

m12. Maria. Summary forthcoming. “Betrayal of Heart and Mind”

m13. Margaret. Summary forthcoming. “I’m Free”

m14. Melissa. Summary forthcoming. “My Middle Way”

m15. Brian M.. Summary forthcoming. “I Am an Agnostic Theist”

m16. Mandy. Summary forthcoming. “If I’m Wrong… I’m Off to Hell When I Die”

m17. Larry M.. Summary forthcoming. “I Am Still a Very Spiritual Person”

n1. Ingeborg S. Nordén. Summary forthcoming. “Born-Again Heathen”

p1. Naomi Prettyman. Charismatic, saved at 5, mission trip to India at 14, 5-year-old little sister became ill and died due in part to negligent praying parents, which stirred “a great deal of anger” in her. Slowly moved over about five years from tenuously held Christian beliefs to a “Pagan” nature-driven spirituality following a visit to a pagan campground with her husband and father. “Being a Missionary Showed Me the Light”

p2. Robert M. Price. Summary forthcoming. “From Fundamentalist to Humanist”

p3. Sharon Payant. Summary forthcoming. Sharon Payant’s Deconversion Story

p4. “Rex Payne”. Summary forthcoming. “I Am What I Am ~ and That’s All What I Am!”

p5. Randen Pederson. Summary forthcoming. “Quit Wiggling or Go to Hell”

p6. Andy Purviance.. Summary forthcoming. “Andy Purviance’s Deconversion Story”

p7. Sarah J. Pepper . Summary forthcoming. “Sarah J. Pepper’s Deconversion Story”

p8. Keith P.. Summary forthcoming. “One of the Lucky Ones”

p9. Daniel P.. Summary forthcoming. “My Beliefs”

q1. Jamie Q.. Summary forthcoming. “Religion Is Bulls**t”

r1. Nathan R.. As a child, visited Presbyterian churches with his mother; for all the vague love he had for God and Jesus, had equal hatred for church services. One day in Sunday School confronted the threat of Hell upon remote tribes in Africa, simply for never hearing of Jesus; this marked catalyst for the beginning of his unbelief. Nathan experienced guilt for inquiry and his doubts, and grew to lose all self-esteem, in wearing a back brace from 7th-10th grade, and receiving no comfort or answer from God when he prayed, pleading for deliverance. Many times he contemplated suicide, later to conclude that if there is a God, He doesn’t care. By the middle of 10th grade, Nathan no longer believed in God. “What you cannot explain it is your duty as a Christian to ignore.” Nathan’s life has improved now that he has “set God behind [him],” having recovered from his depression as a result: “God is a crutch; I cast him aside and learned to walk.” “Losing Jesus and Finding Myself”

r2. Rob. Summary forthcoming. “Religion — Just a Large Cult”

r3. Ryan. Summary forthcoming. “Getting It Up and Loving It”

r4. Rachel. Summary forthcoming. “Freedom”

r5. Roy R . Summary forthcoming. “Roy R.’s Deconversion Story”

r6. Roger . Summary forthcoming. “I Still Am Bitter”

s1. Jacob Smith. Troubled by answer from mother about gay rights, found at 15 that Reddit’s atheist community made more sense than Christianity. After realizing that only his fear of the unknown kept him in faith, he delved into books and videos, and affirms his atheism in a blog called Atheist Development Center. “Deconversion Stories: Jacob Smith”

s2. Sylvester. A convert to Christianity at age 17, his doubts began at 22, calling into question the stringent “rules and regulations” of his church, including dress codes and prohibitions on hair coloring. Looking for answers to why his prayers regarding his doubts garnered no response, he earnestly read the Bible, finding in it passages of God’s deeds that appalled him; upon asking church leaders about them, the answers given were unsatisfactory, so he left the church and the religion. “I was de-converted by the Bible.” Sylvester runs a blog called The City Mad Cat.

s3. Jonny Scaramanga. Summary forthcoming. Jonny runs a blog called Leaving Fundamentalism

s4. Tim Simmons. Summary forthcoming. “My Deconversion, or, How Stella Got Her Senses Back”

s5. Stephen S.. Summary forthcoming. “Re-Imagining God, or, What Happens When You Clean House”

s6. Martha Stanard. Attributes her atheism to 76 years of living among the villainous animals of society with a god who stands back and cruelly allows injustice to occur. Concludes that god is created in the image of man, not the other way around. Martha Stanard’s Deconversion Story

s7. Steve. Noticed at age 6 that the church door was left open. Asked why, and was told that retribution would come to a burglar at god’s hand. Convinced someone would steal, he kept asking and asking, and concluded “this is all rubbish,” never to return. Steve from Brisbane’s Deconversion Story

s8. Jan Steck. Summary forthcoming. Jan Steck’s Deconversion Story

s9. Randy S.. Summary forthcoming. Randy S.’s Deconversion Story

s10. Roger Scott. Summary forthcoming. Roger Scott’s Deconversion Story

s11. Leslie Shields. Summary forthcoming. “Leslie Shields’ Deconversion Story”

s12. Robert La Salle . Summary forthcoming. “Robert La Salle’s Deconversion Story”

t1. Charles Templeton. Former preacher to massive crowds alongside Billy Graham in the 1950’s, Charles left the faith in 1957 due to sincere doubts about the validity of the Old Testament and other Christian doctrine that were fostered by his entry into seminary. He writes about his reasons and his experience in his book Farewell to God. Charles passed away in June 2001.’s “About: Charles Templeton”, Short biography written by his son

t2. Chloë Tisconia. Summary forthcoming. “A Truth Seeker”

t3. Tom. Summary forthcoming. “What a Time to Lose Faith, in the Middle of Bible College!”

t4. Chester Twarog. Brought up a Polish Roman Catholic, Chester received insufficient answers to “tough questions” in Bible study. Following a stint in the army in Kentucky, he reasoned that since other gods were invented and stopped being believed, so would the Christian god. He is now a very active atheist. How I Decided to Atheism

t5. Tocis. Summary forthcoming. “A Somewhat Different Story”

u1. Lord Umbra. Summary forthcoming. What a Fool Believes

v1. Veronica Virulent. Summary forthcoming. Veronica Virulent’s Deconversion Story

v2. Janet Voska. Summary forthcoming. Janet Voska’s Deconversion Story

w1. Dr. Marine Winell. Writer of Leaving the Fold, a book intended to help ex-fundamentalists with their recovery from the “black-and-white worldview” of which they were once a part. Summary forthcoming. Interview regarding her decon: “The Search for Meaning”

w2. Kenneth Ray Whitley. Summary forthcoming. Kenneth Ray Whitley’s Deconversion Story

w3. Trevor Wicks. Summary forthcoming. “Trevor Wick’s Deconversion Story”

w4. Herb Wild. Summary forthcoming. “Herb Wild’s Deconversion Story”

w5. Scott W. . Summary forthcoming. “Scott W.’s Deconversion Story”

w6. Richard White . Summary forthcoming. “Richard White’s Deconversion Story”

w7. H.A. Walker. Summary forthcoming. “Buried My Dead Dogma Part 1”

w8. Troy W.. Summary forthcoming. “Cognitive Dissonance Takes Its Toll”

y1. Nick Young. Summary forthcoming. I Was Called a Satanist

Further stories awaiting addition

Dan Silverman’s deconversionIspeakmetal’s deconversionFallon’s deconversionJunkpoet72’s deconversion
Watcher’s deconversionAerik’s deconversionRook Hawkins’ deconversionLoc’s deconversionAnd It Came to PassConfessions of an Evangelical AtheistExcerpts from Losing Faith in Faith: From Preacher to AtheistFrom Believer to AtheistIt all began with SantaFrom Fundamentalist to HumanistFrom Missionary Bible Translator to AgnosticHow I Became an Ex-ChristianHow I Walked AwayIf It Wasn’t for Agnosticism I wouldn’t know What to BelieveA Long Day’s Journey Into LightMy post-Christian TestimonyMy StoryWhy I’m AgnosticWhy I Am No Longer a ChristianWhy I Left the Ministry and Became an AtheistWhy I Quit Going to ChurchConfessions of a Former MysticConfessions of an Australian AtheistFrom Taoist to InfidelWhy I Left the Mormon ChurchWhy I Am Not a Christian by Bertrand RussellWhy I Am Not a Hindu
God Hates the Sin — Christians Hate the SinnerAtheist, Brother of ChristianI’d Rather Believe in MyselfA House Built on SandHoly S**t Is RightThe Truth Shall Set You FreePushed into Seeking Looking for the TruthEx MennoniteChristian Concern?One More on the Side of EnlightenmentI Saw the LightX-Preacher’s KidAn Ex PentecostalAt First I Was Mad…Pay No Attention to the Men Behind the CurtainGod Has Retired and Lives in FloridaConfessions of a Former Calvinist FundyWhy I Am No Longer a ChristianI No Longer Need to Live a LieTrying to Move OnFrom There to HereForced into LineRevival MinisterTruth SeekerMon témoignage de déconversion, ou, comment j’ai perdu la Foi (My deconversion testimony, or, how I lost the Faith) (fr) – Mon témoignage de déconversion (My deconversion testimony (fr)
A Journey to Avoid TruthLeaving ChristianityA Twice-Fallen SoulThe Shepherd and His SheepEx-HinduThe Fundamental Questions Will Never Go Away!How Could a Logical Person Come to the Conclusion that Christianity Is True?
Deconversion by AttritionSchizo Affective / Bipolar’s StorySelf-Esteem vs. GodProud and Alone: a Story of Reason and CorruptionEnlightenment from the Father…You Don’t Choose to Become an AtheistFrom Catholic to CynicLeaving My Very Long Season of Hell on EarthJesus Was Not Enough?!?God Who Gave Me This Newfound PowerNever a Real Fundie, Just a “Wannabe”Heresy Is Only Another Word for Freedom of Thought…Lost by the Wayside25 Years WastedA Life-long Christian Who Never Imagined I’d Be Writing Here…An Easy TransitionIt’s Been the End of the World for Two Thousand Years!Cruel ReligionBackwoods 3:16Resistance Is No Longer FutileAm I Being Discriminated Against?
Ex-ReconstructionistI Had No Choice But to LeaveMy Middle WayFreethinking TexanI Had to Die to Find Out TruthSurviveWaving, Not DrowningDestructive Christian CultsMy Journey of Self-DiscoveryHow It Is NowSaved by… My DaughterEmotions, Intellect, Passion: My Trying TimesMy Path to ReasonA Journey – Ongoing Exit – Stage LeftRecovering Religious AddictStudy the Bible to Prove It FALSE!What the Hell Happened Back There?!Just Could Not Get Into the So-Called Holy SpiritGlassy Eyed ZombiesThat Damned Human MindYet Another Testimony23 Years of Brainwashing!InventionEx-JWPseudoGodWhen Reason KnocksIt Took 7 Years to Find My Way
My MythA Walk with GodMy Struggle with FaithNo More Charisma Stuff for MeFrom Seminary Guy to HereticReligious ExplorationMy Eyes Were Opened, My Heart Was Opened, I Was No Longer ChristianDeprogrammingNo Longer Part o the VineGot Kicked out of Church!
Nineteen Eighty-Four; Big Brother and JehovahThe Lies the Catholic Church Fed MeHeretic HeartAbstinence Is the Only True PerversionWhere the Rollercoaster EndsTrust in God and It Will Work Itself OutStory of De-ConversionTired of Feeling GuiltyGod Hates You!
Charismatic ComplicationsHow Religion Almost Ruined My LifeI Love Jesus (and Athena, and Ishtar, and Cerridwe…)Religion Ruined My Childhood, It Almost Set Me Back in LifeThanks for ReadingMy Personal ExodusFrom Christian to Pagan to Christian and Back to PaganMy Rise to Christianity and Transcendence from ItLife of a LieThe Truth Is ForbiddenStill StrugglingWhen You Find Yourself in a Hole, Stop DiggingHow to Lose Your Religion…A Different View of GodI Just Could Not Believe Any More LiesTime to Say Yes to LifeA Good Christian UniversityOut of the Clear Blue SkyMy Story of Becoming a PersonSo Many Choices of Religion Makes the Whole ‘Holier Than Thou’ Mentality of Christians Absolutely ArrogantChristian Upbringing’s the Name, Indoctrination’s the Game
25 Years of TurmoilHow Heathenism Set One Christian FreeForty Years of OppressionDeprogrammed, at LastWhere Do I Begin?It SuckedThis Is My Testimony, Not Another Lecture, I PromiseBecoming Alive AgainI Continued to Believe Until I Became DisgustedSeeing the LightAway with a God Invented by PreachersAway with JesusI Can Only Imagine…I’m a Chosen One; I Chose to LeaveAre You 100% Sure?The Awakened MindWaking UpSilently Breaking AwayHonest with Myself at Last
Wicca – A Path to Personal TruthI Think I’m Done with ChristianityMe and My ‘Christian’ FamilySelf-RealizationWhen I Was Honest, Truly Honest, It Was Clearly a LieThank you, Davinci Code, A Brief History of Nearly Everything (Bill Bryson), and The Origin of Satan (Elaine Pagels)Who Is God?Debate of a LifetimeLiving the LieIntellectual HonestyAnswers in All the Wrong PlacesI Was a PastorRenouncing False GodsRecovering ChristianChristianity Is Dangerous. I Should Know.Faith Is FakeThe Cursed WomanUnsaved and HappyGames Christians PlayFrom Nerd-dom to FreedomWhat’s Love Got to Do With It?My Eyes Were Opened. I Saw the Light. The Truth Set Me Free!
Walker Between WorldsFantasy Versus RealityA Pastor No MoreWhere Was This ‘God’ When I Needed Him Most?Never Going Back to the Churches of ChristDamagedThe Same Old Lies and Christian DribbleMy Christian University ExperienceSince My Departure from ‘the Faith’Still Holding OnOn the Path to RecoveryLife as a SlinkyTrying to Find Peace in My SoulOn the Eve of My Ex-ChristianityTickets for Eternity Cancelled!
My Wife Lost Her FaithFreedom to Be MeFaith No MoreI’m Not Afraid. My Whole Life, Thus Far, Has Been a Long Bumpy RoadI Was a Blood-Bought, Born-Again, Bible-Believing ChristianSearching for SomethingParadoxologySimple as It Should BeFacing What Has Always Bothered MeLost YouthNo More in the God GangFrom Catholic Girl to DaoistAnother Ex-Spirit FilledFreedom from YHVH’s Death-Cult-ArmageddonChristian LoveIrish Ex-ChristianChildish ThingsEx-Congregational MethodistNo Longer the Mindless DollEx-Pentecostal PreacherYou Only Doubt Because You Think Too MuchThe Wondrous Act of Hypocrisy That Is Christianity
Too Smart for ReligionHaving a Baby Changed My BeliefsThe Godly Christ-like AtheistAtheism Through AnthropologyNo Longer a ChristianAt Least Zeus Knew He Was a PrickFundamentalism Drove My Dad InsaneMy Journey to FreedomI Was Helping to Destroy the WorldI Eventually Got SmartThe Fire Insurance But Couldn’t Sell ItThe Journey to Ex-ChristianToo Smart to Be ChristianI Saw the LightSaved from Intellectual SuicideI Am Free from ReligionThe Phoenix Rises from the Ashes… with WisdomKorean-American Ex-ChristianI Don’t Think I Ever Was a Real Christian
A Lackluster DeconversionAdventuring InfidelChristianity Is SillyWhy I Am AgnosticChristianity Breeds Confusion…This One’s Rather AngstyNo Intellectual Reasons HereWaking UpI Was So Convinced and Now My Life Is to Be Completely OverhauledThat Nagging FeelingThe Day I Learned RealityMy Boring Catholic StoryMy Transition from Belief to DoubtSorry That This Is So DullTurning My Brain On Never Was a True XtianI Have Seen the Light and It”s Not ReligionVulnerable and UsedEx-UPCerI Think I Might Be AgnosticThe Hell IssueAndrew’s Spiritual StoryStrayed from the Sheep FoldAttack of the Bible Thumpers
The School of Hard Knocks for IdiotsJourney to Becoming an AtheistSaved from Christianity!Following Christ Is Nearly ImpossibleCatholic Hanger-onGot Away TwiceA Product of the SouthFreedom from DogmaA 15-Year Long Brain-FartA Pharisee of PhariseesReality, What a Lonely PlaceFool from MSChristian LoveStriving to Find Something that Works for Me…
Thank God/dess!!From Fundy Christian Terrorist Wannabe to Positive Humanist RockerWhy I Am an AtheistTotally UnnecessaryMormons – the Israelites Never Made It to North AmericaI Decided I No Longer BelievedHow Children Believe… Scary but Eye OpeningThe Bible Destroyed My FaithLetting GoWhy Don’t They UnderstandChristian VomitSacred TransformationMy Loss of Faith in ChristianityRecovering PentecostalBreaking Baptist BarriersEmptiness of ChristianityI Was Possessed!
Free!Can’t Get Over the GhostsA Brief Glimpse into the Thoughts of a LunaticRunning from ReligionThe Peacock FeatherI’ll Never Set Foot in a Church AgainMy StoryEx-Christian a Few Months InMy Path to EnlightenmentTrying to Avoid DespairThe Journey of Me…Why I Quit Being a ChristianThank You All for Helping Me to Think for MyselfIt All Started as Being a Teenager Growing up in a Hindu FamilyGet Over It!
Discovering What a Terrible Piece of Literature the Bible Is…From Agnostic Hindu to Fundy Christian to Hardcore Atheist…”Sittin’ on the Dock of the Bay…”FearTrue Inner Peace = No More ChristianityMy Current FrustrationOnly One TruthHey, How Ya Doin’?I Miss JesusThe Truth Will Set You Free…Fundy Manic to Sane HumanSouthern Baptist to Jewish AtheistDisillusionmentCharismatic Evangelical Hands in His Cards
All Roads Lead to the DoghouseChristian Fundamentalism Can Devastate a Family!I Know the Bible Is Crap But Then How Do I Explain THISThe Dirt Under the RugReality Is BetterNo Longer MormonPeople Are the Same Everywhere You GoMy Path, My ChoiceReligious Experience True or in My Mind?I’m Leaving but I’m Missing ItFreedom from Religion…Free at Last! Free at Last! Thank logical thinking I’m free at last!From Belief to DisbeliefJesus, the World’s Biggest Lie17 and Strung out on ConfusionI Finally Had EnoughEgg on My FaceFlying Zombie Jews Don’t Impress Me Anymore!Journey to DisbeliefAuthor of ConfusionWhy I Became an AgnosticProbably Never a “True Xian”Very Few Black NonbelieversBeautiful Delusions and Bald RealityJudeo-Christian Mythology
A Journey to HonestyHow I Became Religion FreeA Jimmy Swaggart StoryFormer Jew for JesusFinding TruthLord Why You Have Forsaken Me!An Omnipresent RecluseReligion Free ZoneSend the Perverts to Hell… But Don’t Go With ‘Em!…Free At Last… Free At LastRecovering EvangelicoholicThe Emperor Is NakedBeen There, Got the T-ShirtGod and MoralityChild of Rednecks DeconvertsI See I’m Not Alone…Insider’s Story of Big Church Politics and Wrongdoing
My SonBeyond the Fear and Guilt – A Secular LifeMy Story…Letting It All GoLosing My ReligionMy Road to ReasonJust Shake Your Head and NodThe Importance of EvidenceReturning to SanityTotal Believer to Total Bulls**t (now with Less Calories)
The Renaissance of My LifeGave Up the GuiltActive Mormon to Ex-Mormon Gay AtheistShackles and Chains of ChristianityPastor Arrested on Sex-Abuse ChargesI Tried, I Really Tried…Evolution, not RevolutionGet That Bible-Monkey Off My BackFrom Bible-Thumper to a DeistNot AnymoreNo LongerOnce Catholic, Not Always a CatholicNo Longer One of ThemBorn Again AtheistMany and Varied…
Leaving Christianity to Find God, Life, and LoveLearning to Think for MyselfFinding Truth and Meaning Without ChristianityFree to LiveMy Anti-Testimony, or, I Was a Christian ZombieA Very Brief FlirtationA Troubled Past Built on LiesAnother Ex-Christian TestimonyRecovering CatholicThe End of My LifePastor BeelzeBOBFrom Fissure to the AbyssI Found GodThe Kitten and the Carnivore Contention
An ex-Felon and ex-Christian Speaks OutConsidering DeismSincerityDe-Conversion Is a Long ProcessHow Study Can Change You (Part 2)How Study Can Change YouA Personal Odyssey: from RC to Protestant to AtheismSharing Our Truth with the Vaguely ReligiousWhy I Despise ReligionDouble DeconversionParadise LostHow Did I Become an Atheist?Farewell to Religion (addendum to what am I?)The Truth Shall Set You Free!What Am I?A Mother NowThank God for Critical Thinking… Oh wait nevermindThe Perfect ReligionReality Sets In
Untroubled SelfFinally! At PeaceSchizophrenic FaithMy Story Beyond ChristianityI Think for Myself Now!Leaving the “Saints”An Ex-Christian Suffering From GuiltA Burden Is LiftedAtheist After Reading the BiblePutting Away ChristianityLeft ChristianityMy Life as a Christian and How I Got Over It
Why I Left: Problems and Unanswered Questions Regarding Christianity and TheismThe Theory Has HolesThe Truth Will Set You FreeThe Truth Hurts, Sometimes“That’s Me in the Corner!”The Price is Worth ItThe Paradigm ShiftA Long JourneyFear Leads to the Dark SideWaking up from the NightmareThe Eternal Collection PlateA Letter to Friend who is a Fundy and Jokingly Told Me Last Night I Was Going to Hell…What’s the Best Way to Leave Fundamentalism?I Wish I Knew What I Know Now When I Was Younger…
2000 Years of LiesNever Going BackLogic Versus FaithBreaking the Last Bond of SlaveryOut of a Life of ExtremismFrom Pastor’s Wife to AtheistFrom Bible Christian to Catholic to AtheistAm I the Only One Sad to Leave?I Feel God EverywhereFrom One Minority to AnotherFrom Depressed Christian to Happy Atheist
I am Glad That I Have Found You All!Free Thinker’s DiscourseLosing My ReligionFree At LastAnnoyed by the Stalled Growth in MaturityBreaking the Tie that BindsThis is My TestimonyAt the CrossroadsGuided by HistoryAtheist PastorTrue Happiness Depends on YourselfA Tale of Two Books (One Religion, One Science)Ex-Christians in PewsMeaning of LifeTo Shiver in the Howling of the Night1 Plus 1 Equals 3
A Very Happy HeathenA New HopeQuestioning EverythingCouldn’t Bring Myself to Believe AnymoreA Righteous AngerThink for YourselfA Christian in DoubtOn the Way OutRecovering from ChristianityHave I Believed a Lie?The Lonely Discourse of a Frustrated Agnostic (I Think)What if the Prodigal Son Wasn’t a Washout? What If He Went on to Be… Happy?Jesus is the SunForced to BelieveNot Your Typical Ex-Timony
Hypatia’s LoverDealing with Some IssuesI Finally Got Some Self-RespectAutonomy: The Greatest GiftBuyer’s RemorseFor the First Time, I Feel FreeIllogical ReligionIsn’t Christ’s Love Wondrous?We Are Not Monsters NowFinally on Solid GroundTo Be a Wandering JewI Feel Foolish, Cheated and AngryReligion Is BullshitNo More Invisible Pink UnicornsI Have Taken the Shackles Off

Collections to draw from:
Ebonmusings Scroll down to stories
PA’s collection
XC forums
Letters on phil stilwell’s blog
Leaving Xtianity, huge amount of resources
XC, left off beginning of 2007
Leaving X stories
.Zip file of stories

Reasons for Deconverting.

B – BibleThrough reading the Bible, observing contradictions in the text, or unsuccessful attempts to make sense of the Bible, one is motivated to decon.
H – HypocrisyThrough observation of hypocrisy in Christians, one is motivated to doubt, leading to eventual decon.
I – InjusticeThrough experiencing, learning of, or coming in contact with a perceived injustice, one’s faith in a loving and intervening God is lessened, and one is motivated to decon.
P – Ineffectual prayerThrough a realization of prayer’s ineffectiveness or lack of response from God, one is motivated to decon.
Q – QuestionsThrough a search for better explanations to questions than Christianity offered, one is motivated to decon.
R – Other religionsThrough discovering other religions and learning of their relation or similarity to one’s own, one is motivated to decon.
S – Study and researchThrough research, contact with materials or arguments, or simply reading a persuasive essay, one can no longer intellectually assent to religion and is motivated to decon.

Appendix A: What Is Included.

I have included in this list only de-conversion stories, that is, those which have a period of religious belief or of contemplation of the same, followed by a departure from that belief system. The end result does not need to be atheism, but those experiences resulting in a retention of theism is generally left out. The stories need not be autobiographical in nature.

Appendix B: Legal.

This page consists of my own writing; otherwise, authors are quoted and sources cited when possible. The stories themselves are cited, and traffic is redirected when possible to the page(s) on which they are hosted. I invoke in this page the fair use policy in regard to commentary and research/scholarship. Links to the original accounts are provided for reference or for those seeking details.

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